Our Story

The seeds of The Rusted Bucket Band came to existence in the Summer of 2012 when two guys wanted to lose some weight and met up at a place that would help them shed some baggage. Sitting in "The Elvis Room" during a music session group at Right Turn, Russ and Greg had their first musical interaction. Later that afternoon discussions of jamming ensued, and by the winter, a trio gig was performed at the 1369 Coffeehouse 20th Anniversary party in Cambridge, MA. By the summer, The Rusted Bucket Band had blossomed into a five piece unit, a few festival gigs were part of the story, as well as regular bar gigs in the Boston area. 

The Rusted Bucket Band has played the main stage at festivals in NH, headlined or co-billed many gigs locally at places such as The Middle East Upstairs, The Plough & Stars, Bull McCabe's, The Burren, The Lizard Lounge, The Midway Cafe, The Lily Pad, Club Bohemia, Sallie O'Briens, Ralph's Rock Diner and Church (to name a few). We've also recorded our first full length album (due out Spring of 2019) working with Dave Westner at Woolly Mammoth Sound, and also Andy Plaisted at Electric Andyland. We've been honored to have amazing guests on some of those recordings and we are very pleased with the outcome. So, please stay tuned..........

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