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Album Release Show

Atwood's Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, , Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

The Rusted Bucket Band releases its debut full length album at Atwood’s Tavern!

The Rusted Bucket Band is a rock n roll unit Co-founded by singer/songwriter, Russell Turnquist, and drummer, Greg Desimone, based out of Arlington, MA. Drawing upon folk, classic rock, and the “alt country/Americana rock” inspirations, they have crafted their own sound and performance style. Since 2013, they have played shows throughout New England and graced many stages of the preeminent music clubs in the greater Boston area. Their debut full length album is slotted for a release at Atwood’s Tavern on Thursday, May 2nd. The record is co-produced by Russell Turnquist and Dave Westner (Woolly Mammoth Sound) and is peppered with many special guest contributions from east coast all star musicians, and a couple from the west coast too. If you are a fan of Wilco, Tom Petty, The Band, or any of the iterations born from that type of creative space, you’ll be pleased by the tradition and evolution carried on by The Rusted Bucket Band.

Russell Turnquist- guitar & vox Greg Desimone - drums Dan Bissex - bass & vox Ken Kalayjian- lead guitar Mike McGlaughlin - tenor sax & vox Paul Ahlstrand - baritone Sax Tim Lewandowski - trombone

“Any day now, compassion will erupt from deep inside Russell Turnquist, and love will flow like Visuvius into his first five rows. It’ll get all over everything, and they’ll never clean the last of it. That’s how it sounds when his Rusted Bucket Band bursts into the songs that saved his life.” - Ryan Alvanos (singer/songwriter, poet)